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Pork of July

Semolina is raising awareness and funds for pediatric brain cancer outreach services by serving up some delicious pork dishes from July 1-31.

By participating in all our Pork of July greatness, you could also win a $250 gift card to Semolina! A portion of the proceeds from the Serrano Honey Meatballs, Cowboy Mac & Cheese and Java Chops will go to Hogs for the Cause, the premier funding source for pediatric brain cancer services in the U.S.



Serrano Honey Meatballs:

Our signature homemade meatballs with a delicious BBQ sauce that’s sweet, tart and a little spicy.

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Cowboy Mac n Cheese:

This medley of baked macaroni and cheese is served in a standing wedge, stuffed with Serrano BBQ pulled pork and draped with rich, creamy cheese sauce and shredded Gouda. Topped with cilantro and green onion. Served with bread spears.




Java Chops

Two bone-in soy marinated pork chops, peanut crusted and grilled. Served with a cold sesame noodle salad and stir fried veggies.













Available for a limited time only.


For more information on Hogs For The Cause and the work they do, visit: